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The Environmentalist wacko who pretends to be Jesus, and claims to have invented the Internet. Also known as a general dick head.
"Hey, did you see that pile of dog shit on the sidewalk?"
"You mean Al Gore?"
by Lord Revan57 July 10, 2008
First emporer of the moon!!
inventor of the internet!!!
killer of manbearpig!!!!
tamer of the mighty moon bug!!!
father of jesus!!!!
Al Gore is a lying fucking douche with no friends. I'm super fucking cereal
by lelands May 25, 2008
He believes he created the Internet. He made a false documentary about global warming to get attention. Has no friends. Threw a giant rock concert to stop global warming. Killed the infamous Manbearpig. In other words, the world's greatest Shithead. This is for you Al, now everyone will take you super serial
Al Gore: I'm going to stop global warming by throwing a giant rock concert!, And make a documentary starring me! ,people will take me super serial!

Al Gorem I'm a shithead!

Al Gore: I invented the internet
by FuckDallas1993 December 11, 2007
The false inventor of the internet and inventor of false information for which he won a nobel prize. Interesting.
"Did you hear about Al Gore's nobel prize?"

"Yeah, well he really did deserve one. I mean, the man invented the internet!"
by TheNameIWantedWasTaken October 24, 2007
The term Al Gore is taken from the actually person, Al Gore who was a former USA Vice-president, a USA Presidential Candidate and most recently produced An Inconvenient Truth (Documentary on Global Warming).

To use Al Gore as a term, it's mainly to indicate that someone who thinks they're going to win or have a chance doesn't actually. Just like Al Gore in the Presidential Election Race, he thought he had a chance but in reality, George W. Bush was never going to lose.
Langer: "Did you see South Africa play Australia in the World Cup"?
Katich: "Yeah what an Al Gore that was".
Langer: "South Africa are more like a John Kerry, than Al Gore, bloody chokers".
by Holden Morrisey Caulfield August 13, 2007
Just to clarify, he did not invent the internet. It was Tim Berners-Lee. TBL, born 1955, is currently a senior researcher and holder of the 3Com Founders Chair at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL). He is also a Knight Commander (second-highest rank in the Order of the British Empire). Wiki him. While you're at it, look up Philo T. Farnsworth. He invented the television. These are good guys to know about.
Al Gore probably made that claim because he, like most people, does not know who actually invented the Internet. And continues to make sure it stays royalty-free. We (should) all owe him a lot. But he chose not to profit from it. Thanks Tim!
by Mikey Cee May 03, 2007
Shorthand for an e-mail joke, urban myth, web link or other oft-forwarded material that is so old and tired, it is likely one of the first things Al Gore put on the internet after he invented it.
"Hey Homes, check out this vid my grandma sent me. Some fat kid lip-syncing this whack song about numa numa. Is that funny or WHAT?!"

"I ain't studyin' that Al Gore shit, ese."

by buster77 March 20, 2007