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A trait commonly displayed by a "reverse racists nigger" who thinks that
ANY word spoken by a white person is directed against the nigger race.

Al Sharpton defines the ultimate "reverse racists nigger" and likes to make
a lot of noise and bantering over nothing! while ignoring how degrading and
racist niggers are to white people as well as other fellow niggers of the same race!

So in short, If you meet a nigger running off at the mouth about some stupid meaningless shit. Congratulations!!! you have just seen an "Al Sharpton'ish"
moment by some poor "reverse racists nigger"
Joe: What is that stupid nigger complaining about now?

Max: Nothing ... He's just having an "Al Sharpton'ish" attack, just ignore it!
by Just the facts Dude! May 13, 2008

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