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Noun; Ak-ah-shy or Ak-ah-shey
Typically Fluent in: English and French

This particular species of lanky malnourished African child is typically found in seclusion on the Somalian island of Mauritius.
It is a feral creature and difficult to domesticate due to its anti-social and mentally challenged nature.
The Akshaye is a lazy and very predictable beast, it tends to make unoriginal and unfunny jokes at the expense of others and is often complaining about the amount of school work it has.
Many believe an Akshaye is an endangered species due to its inability to find a mate and reproduce. It spends most of its time in dark foul smelling enclosed spaces looking at a screen entrapped by the colourful videos and pictures of cats.
"Hey kids look over there! It's a starving Somalian called Akshaye, you see it playing Skyrim? Observe the empty cans of mountain dew, unfinished homework and the lack hygiene? Careful not to disturb it."
by DimitriTheBear January 11, 2012

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