The best guy ever, always has peaches in his house, deserves better than a scence kid, is funny, loves to chill and is awesome in general and makes a great uncle.
Akira: hey Elle
Elle: hey uncle Akira
Akira: ur the best aunty Elle
Elle: bromance
Akira: bromance
by Elle-Smell August 21, 2009
Akira is a person who will be your best-friend one year and the next year will completely ignore you. she is an indian girl who is a back-stabbing bitch! or a hypocrite
girl 1-wow that girl is so mean!
girl 2-i know! what a akira!
by ex best-friend December 18, 2010
Usually a dirty ass hoe , known as skinny & stinky .
Boy: that girls wierd
Boy2: thats a akira !
by bob jr q December 04, 2013

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