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Truly one of the best, most inspiring and most underrated animated films ever made.
Akira changed the way I perceive animé.
by ak1ra March 18, 2011
Akira from the BL game/Anime/Manga Togainu no chi
he is aprehensive, strong willed, noble, and loyal

to bad he loses all those characteristics and becomes a generic uke when he comes withing 5 feet of a visible penis
The main character of Togainu no chi is Akira
by WhiteRabbitNato December 06, 2010
A late 1980's anime film based off a manga epic. Not much else to say except that it's the biggest leap forward in animation and movie making since Snow White.
I could watch Akira 1000 and probably not get bored.
by animationbuff May 04, 2011
akira is a name of a graceful and talented young lady. whom is open minded and great in bed.

always looking for the perfect guy to be in a relationship. an akira is also mature . and see's both sides of the story .

an akira is a great friend .
guy 1 : hey so how is ur girlfriend ?

guy2 : shes a bitch , i wish i had an akira

guy1 : yea man . we all do !
by TT's re urs August 11, 2010
Usually a dirty ass hoe , known as skinny & stinky .
Boy: that girls wierd
Boy2: thats a akira !
by bob jr q December 04, 2013
Akira is a person who will be your best-friend one year and the next year will completely ignore you. she is an indian girl who is a back-stabbing bitch! or a hypocrite
girl 1-wow that girl is so mean!
girl 2-i know! what a akira!
by ex best-friend December 18, 2010
an acadamy award winning japan anima show for great graphics and awesome stroy plot.
by real rose May 14, 2003