Truly one of the best, most inspiring and most underrated animated films ever made.
Akira changed the way I perceive animé.
by ak1ra March 18, 2011
akira is a name of a graceful and talented young lady. whom is open minded and great in bed.

always looking for the perfect guy to be in a relationship. an akira is also mature . and see's both sides of the story .

an akira is a great friend .
guy 1 : hey so how is ur girlfriend ?

guy2 : shes a bitch , i wish i had an akira

guy1 : yea man . we all do !
by TT's re urs August 11, 2010
A late 1980's anime film based off a manga epic. Not much else to say except that it's the biggest leap forward in animation and movie making since Snow White.
I could watch Akira 1000 and probably not get bored.
by animationbuff May 04, 2011
(Male/Female) Jap. Origin Bright, lively, and all around caring person. Has a positive outlook on life, and always has a smile on their face. Talented, but humble, and a very creative person.
Akira is the best type of person to talk to.
by OreoSenpai April 14, 2015
Akira from the BL game/Anime/Manga Togainu no chi
he is aprehensive, strong willed, noble, and loyal

to bad he loses all those characteristics and becomes a generic uke when he comes withing 5 feet of a visible penis
The main character of Togainu no chi is Akira
by WhiteRabbitNato December 06, 2010
an acadamy award winning japan anima show for great graphics and awesome stroy plot.
by real rose May 14, 2003
A beastly eating machine capable of consuming ridiculous amounts of food. Derived from the Japanese word akrai or "eat much".
Wow, he just ate 60 wings! He's such an akira.
by widedude July 14, 2011
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