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A super sexy girl that is a mind tingler and sometimes self-centered. Has majority of people take her side. Is a down to earth girl and sweeter than anyone in the world. She is very loyal,caring,nice,awesome,beautiful,and just herself. Someone who is sometimes a bitch, but only because she doesn't give a fuck what people say about her. Akia is a very strong girl. She is magestic,calm, but rather complicated. She has many weaknesses and sometimes can't control herself. A girl that is an amazing kisser and enjoys any sexual activity. Shes very emotional and her heart breaks easily.Shes like no other girl in the universe. Any guy would be lucky to date her. Is in other words a "godess". She means the world to millions. Shes loud and outgoing. Rather a bitch. She loves life. But behind her flawless face is all the shitty problems no one will ever understand. She wishes for more friends. Akia is very affectionate. She can sometimes be a compulsive liar, but when some skank is talking behind her back, you better get off your ass and run the fuck away, be careful. Shes pretty and real and can talk to anyone about anything. Akia is very honest and truthful and she keeps her word no matter how hard it is.
Akia in the state of being everything
by JustMADREAM December 05, 2010
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terms used by the KKK. when one klansman sais AYAK? another klansman responds AKIA (A Klansman I Am)
klansman 1:AYAK?
klansman 2:AKIA
by AKIA October 13, 2007
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A really beautiful girl that can light your world with her smile and is the definition of intelligence.she turns heads when she walks into a room and is every girl role model.if you mess with her squad than you have got a lot to worry about.
Guy 1:Dang,have you seen that girl''Akia"
Guy 2:yea,and she's too cute for you
by Galaxystar123456 March 17, 2017
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AKIA - an acronym used by KKK members meaning "A klansman I am".
"Thanks for the add to the mouth-breathing racists group here on Facebook! AKIA!"
by WordUpidus August 16, 2016
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