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An Ake is a young, intellegent, humerous, sensitive, stylish, WAY TOO GORGEOUS person who knows everything about her Best Friends and knows how to play along and how to act cool around anyone she likes. She's a Real, not a Fake. Someone who hates an Ake is clearly blind. Ake is a beloved friend who ALWAYS there for you. She will walk beside you and be your friend. Not behind you to follow, or infront for she may not lead. Ake has many guys trippin for her. She likes single, but will always have a Lover for Life(: We all love an Ake<3
Guy 1: Dude! Isn't that chick hawt?!!
Guy 2: DUDE!! That's my Ex!
Guy 1: Why would you leave a prize like that?
Guy 2: .......Hmmmm.... I DON'T KNOW!! I'm going to make it up and get her back.
Guy2: Well, sorry. But, she's mine now....
Guy 1: Dang... bastard!
by Lola Lover Life November 30, 2011
The ballatician of the IRC Ballers.
Hoes say I get on they nerves and Big Ake you mean.
by Ake April 25, 2003

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