A person who is powerful and majestic. Akbar is a enchanting and picturesque individual with charming characteristics. His intellegence can almost astonish you.
Are you kidding me? i was only joking.
Hes a sleezball slut you gets on every gurl, he has the chance too
Akbar's name is snack-bar,because he likes eating all day.
by max March 12, 2005
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An arabic word which literally translates to mean Great; The root word for Akbar is Kabir which means the same thing but is particularly applied towards one of the attributes of God, and means "The Greatest." Akbar on the other hand simply means Great.

Most commonly known by the phrase, "Allah-hu Akbar" which means, "God is Great."

The word Akbar is commonly used throughout Iran, Pakistan, and India as a name for a person.

The most famous person with the name Akbar, would be the former Emperor of India known as Akbar, The Great who was a Mughal Emperor, the son of Emperor Humayun, the son of Emperor Babur, who was a descdendant of the great Emperor Timur Lane from the area in and around present day Uzbekistan.
Most commonly known by the phrase, "Allah-hu Akbar" which means, "God is Great."
by Intellectual Idealist May 31, 2006
This word comes from arabic. It means
"graet". In slang-use it is part of the phrases "Akbar Gever" or "Akbar man". Which usually means, A huge man, Too much tostesterone,great with his buddy friends\slaves, which tries to hit on any girl.
"Cool, man! Did you steal that car all by yourself? Akbar!"
by Tom March 14, 2005
Akbar is a sexy man that has a huge penis. He can get very aggressive when having sexual intercourse. He also fucks lots of bitches.
OMFG I just got fucked so had! What an Akbar!
Oh and he loves vagina in his mouth...
by GodIsAlwaysRight January 13, 2015
A term used in team combat games, a temporary position for someone checking for traps or ambushes. Can also be "Admiral Akbar".
Steve: Doug, you're the Akbar here. Go into the building and check it for mines and enemies.

Doug: Okay, going in.
Doug: Oh god! Its a trap!

Steve: Okay, everybody to the back entrance!
by senorpeese January 27, 2009
noun. slang term for taxi or taxi driver from the generalization that the name of the taxi driver is Akbar due to stereotypically large amount of arab taxi drivers
"Yo man, call Akbar, I gotta get home"
by applejack42 November 06, 2009
The shaft of a mans penis...
my akbar really hurts.. i don't know why..
by (====3 April 28, 2011

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