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Akaylah a tall dangley monkey with huge limbs. An Akaylah is ridiculously good looking without even trying. Akaylah's often learn from their mistakes and are strong people due to what they've been through. It is common for one to be obsessed with Robert Pattinsin, and yes, food. Akaylahs can put it away like a garbage dispossal they are wild. One should be warned akaylah's tend to poke and squeeze things, which leads to ones oregons exploding out of their mouth and/or anus. Akaylah's gotcho back and a re very fiesty. Beware of their seductive ways.
"wow, did you see that akaylah!?!"
"Sure did, i was scared to death, but shes so beautiful i almost cried"
"Man, i wish i was an akaylah"
by crazygirl4444 June 19, 2009

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