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A large Chubacca looking person that is a completely un-organized mess,They ten to have careers in HILO driving and sticker making as well.
That guy at Costco who knocked over all the carts in the Hilo looked like such A JON

by balla and smk September 14, 2007
meaning friend.
prononced Ay-jawn
hey ajon whats up girl
or short form "hey jon"

other names:
ajon, jon, jonny, jonny boy
by Ajonny November 27, 2011
When an individual Manages to get there finger caught between there bicycles chain and there chainring/cog. pinching the finger resulting in separating the skin from the nail. this injury is common amongst Bicycle Mechanics and cyclist who carelessly try to fix or tension there chains.
i pulled "AJon" while greasing my chain. that shit still hurts
by Manny Freshh November 07, 2011