to let out a big, nasty fart in response to critiques from others
The guys were teasing me so much that I showed them by ajaying!
by BNPD September 05, 2012
Has a REALLY HUGE CRUSH on a Shiksha. An Ajay is usually attracted to a Shiksha.
"I love Shiksha so much," says Ajay
by Hello there1234 November 19, 2013
To have sex with and make undesirable by other humans/animals/creatures/anything.
That girl was so ajayed after the gang bang that no one would go near her after.
by BNPD September 05, 2012
A person, place or thing that is both chocolaty and rainy at the same time. The state of resembling chocolate rain.
- That song is so ajay.
- You'd be so much more ajay if your moved away from the mic to breathe in.
- That milkshake is so ajay... does it bring the boys to the yard, too?
by Tootsie Rolled June 18, 2008
Short for amateur journalism (or "A.J."); term used by hobby printers to describe their turn-of-the-last-century hobby. Formed the first amateur press associations (or "apas" for short) -- the National, United and American, or NAPA, UAPA and AAPA for which they published "papers."
As a publishing member of NAPA, he was involved in ajay.
by rich brown August 08, 2004
Dodgy code, Poorly written or badly structured code.
Ajay writes dodgy code
by Glenn Murray May 04, 2005
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