..abb. for term "all jokes aside"
..commonly used during texting and or I.M.
txt message:

tommy: aja, my dog just died
cindy: aww
by Jimmie Jamantha December 14, 2009
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to be hot, sexy, unconditionally beautiful, exoctic, and dark haired.
" Wow that girl is so Aja"
by toocan sam January 22, 2008
Is the very meaning for someone who is of mocha colored skin, a beautiful woman, with a fantastic attitude along with their amazing sense of humor. When you think of the name Aja, pronounced Asia or Azha, exoticness comes to mind. Anyone with the name Aja, will be remembered by all. Or could be remembered as the girl with the name like a continent, could sometimes be mistakenly called China or France.
Watch out, here comes an Aja'n Invasion!
by Aja Flores February 02, 2010
A song by steely dan. also the album is named aja and came out in 1977.
did you hear that new steely dan song?
yeah its incredible!
by holymoleydood November 18, 2008
A woman one would describe as the epitome of feminine perfection.
This name represents all that is desirable in a woman.

Common nickname: Auj.
Wow, Aja is drop dead gorgeous.

Auj! How do you look so good?
by the.best998 February 07, 2010
A girls name witch is not a contanent
Hi aja your pretty kool. i like your name
by AJA February 07, 2005
a little goat in the Hebrew language
hey, that aja is stealing the cabbages!
by kaltec September 09, 2004
Acronym for: "All jealous and stuff" or "All jealous n' stuff"
Guy 1: So I just picked up an iPad.
Guy 2: No way!
Guy 1: Yuh...
Guy 2: This blows! I don't get paid until next Thursday. Now I'm going to be AJAS all weekend.
by Scotty Karell June 30, 2010

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