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The Perfect girl you can ever find, She is faithful andshe is devoted. She gets confused sometimes on love and who to love but she will always come back to you. She will Always love you and will wait a whole eternity if you were in a coma. She is beautiful and sexy and has beautiful eyes. She is everything a Man can wish for. Her personality is as wonderful as her body. Once you leave her you will know you made a mistake. So treasure her always ;D
Man 1: "did you see that hot chick walk by?"
Man 2: "Yeah, I talked to her before, she is in love with a man in a coma who has been in it for 5 years"

Man 1: "talk about some devotion"
Man 2: "shes definatley an Aislynn"
by JCMercado March 04, 2011

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