aisling is hot and sexy, smart and all that!
every guy in the world fancies aisling e.g graeme!
by Justyne October 14, 2005
Top Definition
Aisling can be described as many things: breath-takingly beautiful, smart, adorable, sweet, cute, Minnie Mouse, a porpoise, lover, sweetheart.

Aisling's beauty makes all poetry inadequate and her voice is softer than all of the songs composed.

Aisling is perfect!
I love my Aisling now and forever!
She's adorably perfect and sweet!
by RobbieReindeer December 28, 2010
A dream or Vision.
The picture of loveliness
(Only applies to Irish Aislings)
Oh wow, even ginger hair looks good on aisling
by Eilish91 June 27, 2009
Hottie. One to persue for sure, but try to catch her because she's up for the challenge :)

She loves men but they love her more, its both her curse and her blessing

Have you met your Aisling yet???
Everything you could want in a person, lover, friend you will find in an Aisling
by Want an Aisling? February 03, 2010
A sassy, confident woman
More commonly known as AisDug
Infamous for the AisDug cackle
Avoid making her laugh; the cackle is unleashed with ease
'Is that Aisling cackling again?!'
by Girl101 November 27, 2013
Aisling is a very snakey girl. one who enjoys dancing and snake all the time!
ohhhh- check out that Aisling! she's really snakin' it up tonight!
by kaitlin April 08, 2005
One who likes to go to brown town. i.e. one who shoves dildo in mans ass.
She gave it to him up the ass last night. What an Aisling!
by pony Express October 11, 2010

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