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The act of redirecting a questioning customer to a non-existent (and distant) area of a large superstore. Done either for reasons of expedient break-taking, general cluelessness or for the amusement of one's self and close shelf-stacking peers. Often all three.
Customer: Could you tell me where I could find the <mildly obscure product> please?

Bitter shelf-stacking monkey: Certainly noble sir/kind madam. I believe said item is located in aisle 69 - keep walking to the far side of the store, and it will be right there on your left.
by Deademeat December 23, 2010
An aisle in a store/supermarket which contains only or predominately tampons, condoms, and/or sexual pleasure items.
Customer: "I need some condoms where are they kept?"
Employee: "Over on Aisle 69 right by the Pharmacy"
by JapanTobi March 30, 2015
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