It's the once-powerful mage of Elrios.

Three paths:
The light path. High Mage to Elemental Master, the most hard working and the most magical.
The dark path. Dark Mage to Void Princess, who hates Angkor because he gave her revealing clothes.

The Newbie's path. Battle Mage to Dimension Witch. An excuse for a mage.
High Mage:Scaredy Cat! Scaredy Cat! (she makes cat ears so it has that impression on me)
Dark Mage: Can't beat me~
Battle Mage:Prepare to meet magical girl Aisha! (She actually says that)
Elemental Master:*closes book and a trail of magic ice specks appear* Don't go too hard on me...
Void Princess: Come on!
Dimension Witch: Same as BM lol...
Base Aisha: Hahaha! You don't have a chance!
by AishaElementalDash November 07, 2013
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Beautiful, elegant, philospher, a woman with beautiful brown eyes. one that exhibits altruist behavior, loving ,kind, free spirit. Amazing wife, girlfriend and mother.
She has such an Aisha way about her.

I want an Aisha for a wife!
by Lefan February 02, 2010
In Swahili, the name Aisha defines "she who lives." In Arabic, "living" or "alive."
In Japanese, the word "Ai(愛)" means "love" and the suffix "Sha(舎)" means "company" or "business."
In life, she's all of the above and more bundled up into the most beautiful, loving, full of life girl I have ever known and the best friend I have ever had. That one hour to see her smile was worth the while, but when it comes down to it, with her in my arms, I'd be set for life.
There hasn't been a day gone by that I wished to hear Aisha's voice and see her smile. The man she marries better treat her like the queen she is.
by SomeoneMissesYou January 22, 2011
A crazy, loving, caring, lunatic with a big heart and who is allways hungry! :)
Aisha is awsome
Aisha: Woowoo plasmolysed chicken is in my bed!
Girl 1: What was that !?!
Girl 2: Oh thats just Aisha :)
Girl 1: I love Aisha!
by Kitterkattaaa January 24, 2011
1. One of the wives of Prophet Muhammad. One of the greatest women in Islamic and human history. In spite of all that is said about her by haters, she is a symbol of purity as testified in the Holy Quran. Some people use twisted logic to attack the character of Prophet Muhammad by claiming that his marriage to her at the age of 9 is child abuse. That is false logic because:
a. It was normal at that time for girls to marry at that age, if they have reached the age of puberty. That can be testified by studying history.

b. No one at that time, including the enemies of the Prophet, used that excuse to attack his character.

c. Someone proposed to Aisha and was turned down before the Prophet proposed.

As any unbiased person can see, if we want to judge that marriage we need to put in its historical and social context. It is unfair to apply contemporary Western criteria to something which happened 14 centuries ago in a different culture.
I will name my daughter Aisha.
by Commentator February 16, 2008
When you realize that, sometimes, some people are truly lucky and despite a lifetime of mediocre realationships if you hang in there, you will find your soul-mate and the person you spent your whole life waiting and praying for and they will seem like a gift from the universe and an Angel from heaven.
Keith was a stand up guy and always a hit with the ladies. Even though it broke a lot of hearts, he was determined to wait for his Aisha and when he finally found her he knew that, 'Aisha' was the one and they lived happily ever after.
by April 26, 2009
A really attractive 1/2 black girl.
"Did you see that aisha right thurr?"
by Illuzion April 22, 2008
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