A person who is classed as a superior Chopper
That guy is an Airwolf
by The Boyo October 12, 2006
Top Definition
adj - Something that is uber-awesome, requiring more than a typical adjective to describe. Best used in conjuction with explitives.
This french roast coffee is so fuckin' Airwolf.
by duder11 April 20, 2006
An early 80's TV show about a combat helicopter that was mysteriously in private hands. It looked suspiciously like a standard commercial helicopter painted black.

Despite Airwolf being a superweapon with super-missiles coming from a little launcher in the bottom, it was maintained solely by some guy who looked like Earnest Borgnine and piloted by a man with the questionably masculine name of Stringfellow Hawk.

There was also another dude who blacked out half of his eyeglasses called Archangel. He was cool, because he didn't need depth perception to kick ass.
The theme:

Doo-be-de-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo da-da-da-doo doo-be-dee-doo-doo-da-da-da-dee doo doo doo...
by Akhmed Al-Fayyed March 18, 2005
(adj.) A word used to describe anything of majesty, beauty and intensity, or anything that is simply bad ass.
-ernie cline
Shakespeare is airwolf.
James Brown's music is airwolf.
Sex so good it makes your spine ache and your knees buckle, that's airwolf.
But nothing is more airwolf than airwolf.
by hex January 03, 2005
Something superlatively amazing, beautiful, cool, great, et cetera. Coined by the illustrious internet superstar poet Ernie Cline.
Music is airwolf.
Theatre is airwolf.
Motion pictures are airwolf.
Pie is airwolf.
by Jack the mathinator December 01, 2005
A facial in which the males cock is circling like a helicopter and splattering all around the females face.
Bob was doing trish and when he got to the point of pleasure, he airwolfed trish.
by Ben, Craig and Josh March 21, 2009
A term used to describe men of African descent due to the size of their flacid peni. If in the proper state of mind this person can gyrate hips and produce sufficient centripetal force to lift the person off of the ground like the 80's television show helicopter known as Airwolf.
Wow! I'll bet that those Airwolfs can perform some serious deep excavation.
by Vergnugen March 27, 2010
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