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n. When you're reasonably isolated from the rest of society with a small group of people, you tend to find the most good-looking person there to be exaggeratedly hot, when actually they are probably average-looking. Desperation.

Comes from the ability to pick out the hottest person on a long airline flight, when you're thinking about the possibility of a crash landing and who you'd want to hook up with on the desert island.
1: "Yo I'm seriously crushing on that one chick in my mech. engineering class."
2: "Daamn son you've got airplane syndrome."
1: "Hell yeah, she's the only one out of the three that doesn't look too much like a dude. I'm in love."
by BigBing September 23, 2010
The repeated use of lyrics from B.o.B's song "Airplanes" as a status on facebook, twitter, etc.
Status: "I wish we could pretend that airplanes, in the night sky were like shooting stars, I could really use a wish right now <3.
Comment: You must be suffering from airplane syndrome. That's so used.
by 4s.gv May 08, 2010
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