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More commonly referred to as "Cropdusting," it is the act of deliberately farting while moving through an area with many people, usually an office, and leaving the area before the smell sets in. The perpetrator escapes, but everyone else is left to rot in the horrendous stench. This maneuver is often executed by new foreign girls with names such as Yun Li, and can cause permanent psychological damage to its victims.
Jim: "I swear, Ron, if that Yun Li chick pulls another airdrop, I'm gonna lose it!"

Ron: "I hear ya, buddy. It's been getting worse lately. Just the other day, she dropped one so bad that it set off the fire alarm!"

Jim: "If she understood English we might be able to tell her to knock that shit off!"
by Potato Sack March 14, 2008
moving one's bowels when not sitting on the sit; usually done in public restrooms.
by Jake November 08, 2003
The act of taking a dump while sitting on someone else's legs while they're also taking a dump.
*one bathroom apartment*
Guy 1: "Dude I need to shit too, can I just Air Drop?"
Guy 2: "Come on in, bud! My thigh gap is pretty big!!"
by Tomness94 August 16, 2016
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