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- "ay-rah"
- cute person
- awesome person
- definitely HOT
- can be an adjective for cool people
"Hey bro, look at that chic"
"Damn. she's aira."
by asdfghjklboom November 30, 2012
Pronounced Ay-rah.
Adjective and is also used as a greeting.

An expression used by the jocks living in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg, South Africa.

This phrase sounds highly idiotic and the said "Jocks" don't even realize they are being laughed at by much cooler people.
JONO: Aira bra, did you check out that chick from the party last night?

JONTY: Yeah dude, she was so aira bro!

by ...JonathanCoOl... January 11, 2011