The most entitled, pampered, and civilized branch of the U.S. Armed Forces. Perfect branch of the military to be in for those that want to learn new job skills or have an easy paycheck. Most who've deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan just stayed at a main base working 8 hour days in air conditioned offices and only had to worry about the occasional mortar round coming into their compound. To this day, the officers are still the ones that go out to do most of the fighting.
Air Force
by waspcoloredstain September 27, 2013
A force made up entirely of computer nerds, which has rightfully earned it the nickname "chair force".
Its a shame those airforce guys go through 8 weeks of boot camp to learn how to sit.
by jshreds269 July 07, 2011
The most kickass branch of military in the known universe.

1) Often the subject of ridicule by jealous a Soldiers, Sailors, and especially the Marines who were so dumb that they got a waiver on the ASVAB, and were subsequently rejected for enlistment in the Air Force.

2) Most personnel in the other branches will tell you that the Air Force is the least martial of the other branches while we have actually won the last few wars singlehandedly, and were the actual reason the Iraqis didn't take to the skies the second time around.

They will also tell you that we only send officers to combat, when there are plenty of enlisted airmen out there as well...

3) Shits on the army in every way possible.

4)the only branch capable of destroying the world several times over.

5)Stop hating on the Coast Guard as well.
I wish i would have joined the Air Force instead of the (insert any branch here)
by Proud Airman July 19, 2009
Branch of the military that uses air craft to attack or defend land and airspace.
Yet another British invention.
The British Air Force is the RAF, formaly His Majesty's Royal Air Corps.
by AMX September 04, 2007
The United States Air Force is the second least martial of all the military services next to the United States Coast Guard. Their role of maintaining air dominance over combat zones is made all the more easy due to our enemy's complete lack of aircraft. Most airmen will tell you that they are the smartest of all the uniformed service members. Do not be fooled by their ruse, as this statement is merely an attempt to distract you from their crippling shame at having chosen such a cowardly way to serve their country.

The Air Force refers to their indoctrination training as B.M.T. or Basic Military Training. This six week process takes place at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas. During the course of their six week training Airmen spend exactly one week taking part in activities that could be classified as military. Known as Warrior Week, Airmen take part in a 2-3 day field exercise where they sleep 8 hours a night inside of air conditioned tents, carry blue rubber dummy rifles, and spend exactly one single day shooting with live rounds. Whereas the Army and the Marine Corps require their recruits to hit targets up to 500 meters away in order to graduate from Basic Training, the Air Force standard is met when a recruit merely fires a rifle once.

Air Force deployments rarely last more than 120 days. Most Air Force personnel spend their deployments inside the F.O.B. or Forward Operating Base, and as such have acquired the nickname "Fobbit". Although on extremely rare occasions Airmen are put into harm's way, the overwhelming majority of them deploy to places like Qatar where they can bask in the sun, go off base to the local shopping mall, and relax in a swimming pool before retiring for the evening.
I was going to join the Peace Corps, but I thought the Air Force would be safer.
by Army Smart September 10, 2008
The world's largest paramilitary orginization.
Wait, you're going to defend the air force? Why?
by armybrat June 24, 2005
The Chair... er, I mean AIR Force are those guys who wear BDUs like the Army, but are too good for guns. The Air Force is organized into Commands, Wings, Groups, Squadrons, and Flights (just to remind people that even if only a small fraction of the service is represented by pilots, the Air Force is all about planes). If at all possible they prefer to stay in the break room and watch TV for the better part of their work day. Many nations have Air Forces.
Get off your lazy asses and go bomb those SOB terrorists!!! Oh wait, we are grilling burgers and watching cable, then closing up early for the four day weekend. Maybe later.

An Air Force is a force composed largely of air. So much air, in fact, that it barely qualifies as a "force".
by Phayte January 01, 2007

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