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The fake oral sex that female porn stars give to each other. So called because the tongue never gets within three inches of the clitoris.
There ain't nuthin' but Air Lingus in Horny Housewives 7.
by That Fat Bloke February 17, 2005
When cunnilingus is performed on a plane, helicopter or other airborne vehicle.

"Air lingus" is not to be confused with Irish airline Aer Lingus, though the two are sometimes cross-referenced.
Dude 1: "Dude, I heard you gave air lingus to Meagan on the flight to Dublin!!"

Dude 2: "Yeah, it was rad."

Dude 1: "Meta as fuck."
by Wally Wendell January 16, 2014
When a woman queefs whilst a male is performing cunnilingus on her

Nothing to do with the Irish narional airline
Here I heard you went down on that Ciara" "Aye but she went pure Air Lingus on me though" "Oh, fuckin' hawl mate
by GladIhavenaneminnnge August 03, 2010
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