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the sexual act when a man goes down on a woman after eating a popsicle or something else frozen on a hot summers day.
Guy: "Hey dude, I gave that chick an air conditioner this afternoon:
Girl: "I would love an air conditioner its soooooo hot out!!"
by BILLYandKAILA April 15, 2011
A typical air conditioner that sounds like a hard core vibrator.
Alexa, are you using your air conditioner again?
by ohhheyybabeee August 12, 2009
An Air Conditioner (often referred to as AC) is a home appliance designed to dehumidify, extract heat from an area and make us feel like we're in paradise or heaven.
-So where you going this summer? You wanna come with us to Hawaii?

-Sorry, i already have plans to chill with my Air Conditioner.
by 123yik June 06, 2010
Someone who emenates cool.
Original idea © to Mister Shape of Defunker.
"Omg. He's a total airconditioner!"
"Yeah, you can practically feel it."

by Gensougan June 13, 2007
When a man cums on a woman's (man's) chest and then using the coolness of an ice bucket he hardens his male secretions and then after sometime chisels it off with her high heel shoe.
One time when I was with John, I splooged all over his chest. Luckily, we were having a bar-b-que and I had ice on hand allowing me to perform an air conditioner on him. Also, I was lucky that he was a transvestite.

"Damn that hairy bitch looks hot. I'd like to air condition her."
by John Melidi September 07, 2006