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A term used to describe a person, object, or situation that reflects the appearance, status, or behavior attributed to "rednecks", "white trash", and those suspected of being inbred or just plain stupid.
1. Person: Maynard is such an aintry. He lost most of his teeth in a fight after he got caught sleeping with his twin brother's wife.

2. Object: That house is aintry. Half of the roof is covered in a blue plastic tarp, old tires are stacked outside, and the yard is host to broken-down cars and a hot tub that doesn't work.

3. Situation: Those people are aintry. Two friends put a friend inside of a tool box, (the kind that sits in the bed of a truck), and flipped him around the yard while hootin', hollerin', and making sounds that people shouldn't make.
by Ainchee Too July 27, 2010
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