a melodramatic girl who often thinks too highly of herself and cries too easily
She was such an ainsley when she found out she has a B!
by lenny8008 April 09, 2010
Top Definition
Imaginative, creative, able to find light in a situation.
See's beyond the obvious, is exquisitely beautiful.
An Ainsley has their own strong opinions of life and of love.
Will not stay in one place for very long.
They are unlike any other, that person must be an Ainsley.
by hgwupwhhhh June 06, 2009
An extremely hot chick, who everyone wants to be! Also a famous cook. But mostly, a really sexy chika!
Damn, look at Ainsley over there, i want to be in her says Lucas!

That cooks name is Ainsley!
by ilovefood69 June 13, 2009
A beautiful girl who can light up a whole room with her bubbly personality.
An amazing friend who could never be replaced, no matter how far away she is.
She will make you laugh until your stomach hurts, and will always have your back.
Is missed by many and loved by lots.
did an ainsley just walk into this room because I already feel better?

that girl is stunning and beautiful, she is such an ainsley!

"hey whats up, why you upset" "oh nothing, just missing Ainsley"
by sahhindie! September 06, 2011
is of Old English / Scottish origin,
rare name,
used for male or female
by devinnbb June 06, 2009
a pale chick who rarely speaks but stands out in the crowd (because she's so pale)
Let's play spot the Ainsley!
by thatweirdchickainsley June 24, 2015
A guy whose sister's male friends always look crestfallen when they are introduced to him. An unfortunate assumption that he is an attractive female that has put this guy into many awkward situations.
Sister: Hey Devon, this is Ainsley, my brother.

Devon: (registers male appearance), ohhhhhh...........hey...listen just disregard those texts.........
by Negrocollegefunder December 14, 2010
To stir food when probably needed or someone who stirs food to take part in the cooking.
Just give it an ainsley, then do it
by K1tten January 15, 2009
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