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An Ain't Shit Bitch (ASB or short) is, quite simply, a bitch who is not shit. These are the kinds of bitches who you end up investing a lot of time (and sometimes money) into, develop feelings for, and basically treat like princesses, only for them to stomp on your dick and treat you like you are nothing. They aren't worth your time or your thoughts. They ain't shit.

Men can also be Ain't Shit Bitches, but most are more likely to be Ain't Shit Niggas, depending on the situation.
Bro: Dude, I asked out Christina last night, and guess what she fucking says?
Bro 2: What?
Bro: She says she views me as more of a "friend" or some type of shit.
Bro 3: What the FUCK?!
Bro 2: After you took her on all those dates? You started talking to her like a month ago.
Bro: Yeah, it's bullshit.
Bro 3: She's an Ain't Shit Bitch, don't even worry about it.


Gay Bro: Dude, Matt just called me a faggot and punched me in the face.
Bro: What the hell? Why?
Gay Bro: He couldn't handle the fact that he sucked my dick and loved it, so he got all pissed at me.
Bro: Dude, I'm gonna kick his ass. He's an Ain't Shit Bitch.
by Michete McClellan October 24, 2010