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the most beautiful girl in the world, no one compares to her and no one ever will, her beauty is unmatchable. She is a goddess in human form, she is perfection and she has the best smile in the world, the kind've smile you could look at and fall right back in love with her all over again. Her eyes are dark blue, you could stare into them for a long time getting lost and lost like a ship at see.. no one will ever compare to Aimee, she is beautiful, amazing, perfect, cute, gorgeous and any man that has her is the luckiest man in the world.
Guy 1: Wow, she is beautiful...
Guy 2: Damn is she your girl?

Guy 1: Yeah, i'm the luckiest guy in the world!
Guy 2: Damn right you are! don't treat her bad!

Guy 1: she's a angel, I wouldnt dare, She's my beautiful Aimee.
by ydluog April 29, 2011
The most beautiful and sexy girl that you will ever lay your eyes on. A girl that trips up stairs but can laugh it off, a girl with a heart of gold. She is the sweetest girlfriend that you will ever have. Her heart attracts yours like a magnet to metal. You will fall in love with this girl. A French feminine given name, translated as beloved. She will forever hold the key to your heart.
I'm so lucky to date an Aimee!
by HoldstheKey September 30, 2011
Every mans dream, all the girls want to be her as she is popular and loved.
She is a party animal and loves attention.
Life would not be the same with out her.
Me and all the girls wish we was her.

Aimee is sexy.
by anonanon1234 October 01, 2013
A girl who normally has a hard time of finding herself. Sometimes outgoing, crazy obnoxious, loud. And other times very quiet, depressed, sad, angry, emotional, easy to cry.
"God, your such an Aimee. No one's as loud as her."

"If you turn emo on me, I'll call you an Aimee.
by jesusfreak77771 August 18, 2008
The word 'Aimee' simply replaces the word 'okay' in any given sentence or phrase. Aimee - being satisfactory or in satisfactory condition
'Tamara, you fallen and the severity of your fall is unknown to me. Are you Aimee?!'
by ILoveAimee October 14, 2012
Some girl who is still in school
Bothers with a girl called coral
Brown eyes and loves scotch eggs
her nickname is gomerpickabum because she picks her bum and likes to smell it afterwards
Hates sluts
Weird but funny
Look at gomerpickabum ahhh shes picking it right now sick!
aimee cant stand sluts
aimee loves coral
by Aimeegomerpickabum November 29, 2012
A girl that has various nick names due to her height, but is most comonly known to others as being quite a towel
Did you se how big of a towel miles was being" " yeah he was being a real aimee
by hippyninja January 22, 2011
Someone who cannot spell Amy.
Her name is Aimee.... NO IT'S AMY!
by oiugfcyjxygamy December 21, 2010