A lovely irish girls name prounounced Al-va
People called Ailbhe are usually pretty, cool, and funny.
person1:Hey Ailbhe whats up?

Ailbhe:not much lets have a party!

person1:cool your so much fun Ailbhe..

Ailbhe: hehe....thanks
by Mary91 November 02, 2007
Good-looking girl who underestimates herself. Talented in many ways but does not know it. I good friend and confidant but may not like excessive hugging and loud chewing.
That girl is such an Ailbhe, we should tel her.
by alana1984 February 03, 2010
A man Who watches adeverts of men putting pants on and licks his lips at the thought of noses dancing in a cricle totally naked
Man 1: Have you seen ailbhe on webcam?
Man 2: ahh yes he was masturbating at that mans nose
by Fayee C June 21, 2009
Another word for someone who is lame and or not funny,uncool etc.

Often mispelled and mispronounced
Pronounced .. Al-vah

"Awh man,that is sooo lame"

"Oh that is so ailbhe"
by Superhands October 14, 2007

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