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Son of AN Aika! not son of a Aika... I mean "A" is a vowel.. hello
by hika December 21, 2003
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1.lament or sad song. Pronounced I-kah

2.the main character in the anime "Agent Aika".
"otome no aika" translates as lament/sad song of the girl
by SilkyWolfess June 08, 2007
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Typically a girl of Japanese ethnicity. Name means 'manufactured by Nintendo,' and bisexual prostitute. But about half the time it can also mean bright and beautiful music. People with the name Aika are known for slacking off, singing loudly in public, and having really tiny fingernails. They often have a terrible time over boys, always falling for idiots.
Did you see that girl with the tiny fingernails who was singing Black Eyed Peas??? Really, we're in public!

Answer: Yeah, she must of been one of those Aikas...
by Gertrude & Bruce October 09, 2009
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Aika is MMORPG online game with the best war featured.
by chrurs October 24, 2011
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