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response to everything
Guy1: that music video was so dank
Guy2: aight (or it was aight)

Guy1: Yo
Guy2: aight

Girl: You want to do it right now
Guy: aight
by aight. March 07, 2012
1 0
short for alright . or iight . as in okay .
joe : yo come to my crib at 8

marco : aight nigga .
by vcookies911 December 10, 2008
5 4
alright in eboniks
I'm going to go take a shower, aight?
by NightNinja October 05, 2002
14 13
an annoying term that Big JW says
yeh aight then mrs whatever you say
by *random girl* March 18, 2006
7 7
Aight is the gangster, wigger, ghetto way of saying all right. It is also used as a greeting, or think to say when leaving, or shortly after somone says G-Unit
1.YO man be us gettin some smack and shooting up wit some hoes

1. G-unit what?
2. Aight

by Garrett April 21, 2005
10 11
what I said once to wannabe gangsta going through the drive thru at the Arbys I worked at.
That will be $5.49 at the window...aight?!?
by Dustin Dahlberg July 09, 2004
9 10
alright, ok
it's spelt aight not aiight
5 6