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cooler than okay, yes, or anything else your faggot mind can think of.
person 1: this nigga be begging for a backrub
person 2: shiiiiit. let's get out of here, before this mothafucka guns us down.
person 1: aigh. let's go.
person 2: don't you meanaight?
person 1: fuck you, foiool. same shit
by TheBigFoiools December 13, 2010
An alternative to saying hello. It is also quite catchy and fun to take part in saying. It can also be an agreement word.
Shane: Hey pimp whats up?

Spencer: Aigh, not much pimp. U?

Shane: Wanna go fuck twins later?

Spencer: Aigh
by Herpekreem7269 August 22, 2009

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