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1. A Gaelic boy's name meaning "firey" (usually spelled Aidan)
2. A hot, sexy chick. A total hard-to-get babe with a curvy body and a great ass. Generally, Aiden's are witty but unmatched in bed.
1. That boy Aiden's name sounds Gaelic doesn't it?
2. Damn, that girl is a real Aiden, I want a piece of that!
by W0w1234 April 10, 2010
120 86
a fucking great band from seattle. They only have two awesome albums out but they are the best american punk rock band out at the moment
im going two aiden gig because they rule
by a7x rules July 26, 2006
334 313
Creepy singer.

Dropped his surname due to the fact he could not spell it.

Blackpool boy, grammar is not great. Can sing at an average level. Constantly looks like he hasn't slept.

Recently acquired a good looking girlfriend, as well as a snake and a scorpion.

Has a few decent songs. Mostly about his own anger for friends/partners who have screwed him over.

Decent guy though, cocky shit when drunk.

Deserves more credit for his work.
"Who's that bloke with those creepy crawlies climbing all over him?!" "Him? Oh.... That's just aiden."
by DaisyLazyyyyy2345 December 21, 2013
2 1
A guy that likes to abandon the love of his life without telling her why.
He pulled an Aiden..
That fucking asshole!
by dracomalfoy April 22, 2013
45 43
Monkey in Swahili
Nigga: Whatchu want Aiden?
Nigga: Don't worry mate, not gonna hutcha.
by Do you Evn Lift December 23, 2012
18 24
a punk/rock band that is freaking awesome and they sound kinda like afi or my chemical romance. The guys in the band are kinda scary looking with a lot of makeup and tatoos and only wear black. They have a c.d called nightmare anatomy and it's a pretty good c.d
kid #1- do u like aiden
kid #2- no, never heard of them
kid #1- well heres my c.d listen to it
kid #2- this is AWESOME i freaking love aiden
*they become huge aiden groupies
by sonith April 17, 2006
206 234
the word refers to young men with a similar resemblence to that of Robbie Williams and further take part in the trend of the haircuts fashionably known as 'hitler youths'.
'I'm Aiden and here to tell you that it isn't only Robbie loving angels this way.
by Teddy bear Jade December 27, 2009
19 52