Aidens are attractive, sensible, significant and should be treated with proper respect. When you meet an Aiden, you should hold onto them; whether you're good friends with them or dating. Why? Because you're not going to come across another one that's half as adorable, endearing or foxy. Plus, he likes tacos? How does it get better than that.
Did you guys see that adorable kid in the taco costume? That's Aiden.
by aidenlover December 30, 2011
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Makes everyone smile where ever he goes. Will be remembered by many. Has a charming caring personality
1. Look at that Aiden smile
by pow : ) July 05, 2009
Aiden's are typically known for there "Why Not" attitudes. They are usually a spontaneous person who doesn't "give a fuck" about what people think of them (on the outside) but secretively crave stability and love. They will do anything for the people they care about but don't get on there bad side an Aiden is fearless and will "fuck someone up" if need be. They tend to show freedom of expression through there style, may that be clothing, tattoos, hair etc. They look good at ALL cost. They love sex. There a very secretive person who despite there outward personality doesn't like to show others there feelings. They express these said feelings through music and writing. Aiden's are very hard on themselves. They always try to make the situation better for the others involved instead of making themselves happy. Aiden's weaknesses usually include but are not limited to short pretty girls, sex,Mangoes,animals,"feel good" substances, Fresh razorblades, being an "emotional bottler", and hott tempered. Aiden's Strength's usually include but are not limited to Loving with all they have, looking good, Sex, Standing up for what they believe in, gives the best hugs, Has an amazing personality and gives the best advice. Upon meeting an Aiden you fall for them instantly and hard to fall out of love with. An Aiden needs someone to cater to them an understand there complex personality. For all these reason is why once you go Aiden you'll never go back.
Ex. Damn that Aiden's fine!
I fell in love with Aiden. We'll your screwed. :]
by simplyinsane April 22, 2011
An Irish boy's name. It's original Gaelic meaning is "Fiery"

A band came along not too long ago, and made a lot of people hate this name. Than again, it made a lot of people love it, too..
Meet my new friend, Aiden.
by Vampirekitty07 December 23, 2008
Someone who has been absolutely whipped by a chick half his height and will do anything for her, even if it lowers his way of living.
Such an Aiden
by moic119 May 28, 2013
Someone who is just simply amazing. Don't get him mistaken with Hayden. Its just without the H. He can make anybody's day simply by him giving them a smile. You'll hardly ever hear anything mean come out of his mouth. All he has is positivity to bring to you. Even if he is having a rough day, he still manages to have a great attitude, and make others smile! Even bad days are rare for him because he finds good in each day! He brings others before himself, especially family. Not to mention his hugs are the best in the world! Feels like you're in heaven when you're in his arms. Ever meet an Aiden, don't let him go!
You look like you need a smile, go talk to Aiden!
by MissyDownTown September 25, 2013
Aiden is a post-hardcore/emo band from Seattle. They have three awesome albums out: 'Our Gangs Dark Oath', 'Nightmare Anatomy', and 'Rain In Hell'.

They have some awesome music!! I saw them in Milwaukee a few weeks ago. They're pretty awesome live too. =]

They have 5 members in the band:
wiL Francis,
Nick Wiggins,
Angel Ibarra,
Jake Davison,
& Jake Wambold.

They are currently signed onto Victory Records. Their first album, 'Our Gangs Dark Oath', was released by Dead Teenager Records and later that year re-released by Victory Records.
Aiden is effing awesome. =]
by S. Francis =] November 01, 2006
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