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A girl that is usually denied; has many diiferent personalities and often misunderstood; emotional, not so much sensitive but does care about people who care about themself. Usually underestimated by others but comes out on top

When having a love for a craft, they pursue it to the full

Love the arts and love moderate attention from others. At times can be lazy and laid back. Thinks alot about others and things in society; meticulous;schemes alot; love hard but is afriad to open up at times; very observant and loyal; can be bitchy at times

Very moody and unpredictable, and has a high tolerance however when pissed off, does not mind telling people off
Does not like hurting people feelings at times

Self conscience and strict when it comes to children, loves food..has a good visual memory, likes to lead boys on as if she may like them but really doesnt have an interest
She is so moody such an Ahtivah
by MinniHashi February 04, 2010
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