The food preservitive tried before BHT.
I hear they're coming out with CHT and EDT, but DHT didn't make the cut.
by Da fuck do you care? August 25, 2004
Top Definition
A word for very artsy-fartsy pieces of work that usually looks terrible, but due to shallow rich people has become ridiculously popular.
Jim: What the hell is this? It's just a bunch of trash piled on itself!
Sam: Do you have no appreciation for aht?
by Phil Deviant June 16, 2008
Pittsburgh-ese for "out."
"Check it aht."
"Peace aht"
by Trump July 01, 2004
Short for alright or hello
Used when walking passed someone
Can be used as Okay aswell
"Aht Bay hows it goin"
"Ye good thanks"
"Yo get that done John"
"Aht will do"
by ahtbay October 04, 2009
Average Handle Time or in other words the time it takes to really piss off a customer.
by dbowney November 16, 2002
Slang for "okay" or "got it"
"I'll pick you up at 7"
by skrtskrt44 July 01, 2016
Angsty Hormonal Teen
1) I'm such an AHT right now, I want you in my bed, naked, at this very second.

2) It sucks being an AHT; I can't get any work done in class, my boner is killing me!
by AOblige09 March 04, 2012
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