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a kid who can't stop beefing on an online chatroom
Ahmed, an arab on xat.com/thachronic
by thatginger1992 July 07, 2011
Bad kid who is bad at quickscoping and cant hit a shot. Who is also bad at soccer. And has a lil brother thats a demon.
Oww, whos brother is that?
Oh thats Ahmed's brother.
by bosniaaaaaaistheshittt July 29, 2011
It's the name of peace ,it's also one of the name of Prophet Muhammad .. , Common Muslim name for males, it means in arabic ( the one who thanks god ) .. and it's a name of one of bahrain finest video gamer .. AHMED AL-NASHEET ..
Hey who's that man playin' winning eleven ? .. damn he is good .. !! ..

he's Ahmed , he's the best gamer ever ..
by reem al bahar April 12, 2008
the kinda person who u can make laugh easily u never get bord of using bad jokes on him
me: why did the man cross the road?
me:to get to the other side
ahmed:ha ha ha ha ha
by wonder woman February 18, 2005
A Muslim name usually given to suicide bombers and terrorists.
Ahmed just tried to blow up that village
by DudeMan7 August 04, 2014