This primitive lifeform Ahmed has recently been discovered living in Southern England. This lifeform Ahmed is a direct descendent of rock dwelling creatures e.g.the devious lying snake. This lifeform Ahmed is known to prey on women, especially those of virginal status. Women should bewary of contact with the lifeform Ahmed.
Girl 1 - Whats that in the rocks?
Girl 2 - I think its a Ahmed.

Girl 1 - Really?!! Quick run then!! We're both virgins!!
by King Biyatch Ass July 28, 2013
A Muslim name usually given to suicide bombers and terrorists.
Ahmed just tried to blow up that village
by DudeMan7 August 04, 2014
a kid who can't stop beefing on an online chatroom
Ahmed, an arab on
by thatginger1992 July 07, 2011
It's the name of peace ,it's also one of the name of Prophet Muhammad .. , Common Muslim name for males, it means in arabic ( the one who thanks god ) .. and it's a name of one of bahrain finest video gamer .. AHMED AL-NASHEET ..
Hey who's that man playin' winning eleven ? .. damn he is good .. !! ..

he's Ahmed , he's the best gamer ever ..
by reem al bahar April 12, 2008
Bad kid who is bad at quickscoping and cant hit a shot. Who is also bad at soccer. And has a lil brother thats a demon.
Oww, whos brother is that?
Oh thats Ahmed's brother.
by bosniaaaaaaistheshittt July 29, 2011
the kinda person who u can make laugh easily u never get bord of using bad jokes on him
me: why did the man cross the road?
me:to get to the other side
ahmed:ha ha ha ha ha
by wonder woman February 18, 2005

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