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Excessive erotic impulses resulting towards a mass shunt of blood from essential organs (upto 4.7 litres) to the hypertrophied copora cavernosa. As a result the patient cannot perfuse his organs and and goes into multisystem failure.

Signs: Massive Tumescence in a otherwise frail and flaccid body.

Epidemiology: Endemic to kenya with only 1 known case nationally.

Risks: Undiagnosed a patient with a high genetic susceptibility may cause communial cervical,oral, anal heamorhagge in the female population.

Associations: Alopecia totalis, osteoathritis, calf atrophy, toyota echo
News Headline:

Young kenyan boy drops dead at age ten whilst looking at a herd of goats. Doctors belive its agufanian crisis.
by Dr Cunt March 17, 2010
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