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Someone who is both arrogant and ignorant.
Gloria: ”Hey Jim, do you want to come to get some ice cream.”
Jim: ”No, I’m too good to be seen with a girl like you!”
Gloria: ”Wow, you really are agnorant.”
by B Talented January 06, 2008
when someone is both ignorant and arrogant.....they act like they're better than everyone but they aint got no sense...they're jus plain idiotsactin a damn fool
Yo Devon's mad dense.... agnorant bytch swear up and down he noez his shyt betta dan anyone but as a matta o' fact, he's az dumb az a bag o' bricks
by Susanita Dulcita August 11, 2005
Noun ... name given to a bad driver who is both ARROGANT and think they own the road no matter how bad they drive and IGNORANT because they have no idea how bad they drive and they cut you off and dont have a clue why your blasting your horn at them or that its not ok to go slow in the fast lane.
beeeeeeeep! "blast on your car horn"....."Youre a stupid agnorant, you moron. Learn how to drive!"......
by Randall Boscoe December 30, 2008
The state of being ignorant and aggravating at the same time.
Someone can be viewed as agnorant by telling you that they don't believe you listen to them, even though you can repeat their verbiage verbatim.
by WIRBEX January 21, 2009
A mixture of being ignorant and arrogant.
"After she took the test and saw it was positive, she straight up told her parents she was pregnant."
"She didn't even stop to think about what they'd do to her man?"
"Nope, I don't think she cared. She's definitely the most agnorant bitch I know."
by Mon Ait March 15, 2010
knowing nothing about a subject.
When it comes to Christianity, he is agnorant.
by uttam maharjan December 27, 2010
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