a stupid hoe bitch who doesn't care about other people's feelings. She flirts constantly with guys, but she never acts upon it.
"That girl's retarded"
"Yeah..she's so agnieszka"
by ass munch October 17, 2006
Top Definition
Agnieszka is a female name in Polish. A form of Agnes (Saint Agnes). It is pronounced "Ag-niesh-ka" with the capital "A" at the beginning enunciated as the "A" in Aspirin. The meaning of the name Agnieszka, as stated by some references, is "Holy" or "Chaste" (adj). However, this name could also be interpreted as having the meaning of "Pure/Purity" (adj/n). Note that some name-references state that this name is originated from Greece.
Vandad: What I understand is that you have a really pure soul.
Agnieszka: You are right. My name is Greek and it means "Pure".
by Vandad NP January 15, 2008
A really hot/fine/sexy girl.
Megan Fox is a agnieszka
by Joey Cha February 04, 2008
A sexy Polish Nymph with naturally perfect breasts. Agnieszkas are insatiable craving sex constantly, and men who are fortunate enough to find one are rewarded with mind altering orgasm.
Guy 1: How was your trip to Warsaw, Jimmy?
Guy 2: The most amazing time of my life. I found an Agnieszka and now I'm selling all my property and going back! You should join me, there are more Agnieszkas.
by BlownbyAggie February 04, 2010
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