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the most beautiful girl you will ever know, not just a typical girl...shes very lovely, kind, smart, optimistic and has the best personality. the kind of girl you would want to present to your mother and be proud of. she is perfect ,with a simple smile she probably already have captivated your mind and soul. she's a sweetheart (a true lady with class and self respect) but don't push her to her limit. she wont mind getting down and dirty.
has a nice butt

the kind of girl every guy wants and dreams about and every girl envies
i think i fell in love with agnes
omg Agnes is so beautiful!
you're such an Agnes
would you please to me the favor and marry me, Agnes
you will live happily with Agnes
you will never regret meeting her for one split second
by unknown123bxox March 28, 2013
1.A hot chick
2.A weird but loving freaky creature
3.A name that is short for 'Agnes' or just a random word.
1st guy:'check her out dude, that is sooo an Agne!'
2nd guy:'i'm going to do her dude'
1st guy:'duuuuude'
by deanybeany May 01, 2009
That Agnes with her dark red hair is such a maneater.
by 2Cool4U123 October 23, 2013
That Agnes with her dark red hair is such a maneater.
by 2Cool4U1 October 23, 2013
En 'Kattematte'

A big fat cat with lots of fur!
Man that is one huge Agnes
by hehehhea December 14, 2010
a computer voice that is given by default to macintosh computers. it is quite irritating, but hyterically funny to use to your own advantage.
agnes says: ______________________________________
(insert whatever you want in here)
by Tinkerbelll April 28, 2004