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Wide variety of jokes told by UT Fans, often including familiar characters such as Smart Longhorn, Dumb Aggie, and Mediocre Baylor Bear. Compare: Longhorn = brunette, Aggie = blonde, Baylor Bear = redhead.

Here's an example:
A longhorn, an Aggie, and a Baylor Bear are traveling in a desert. Each one has brought one thing: The Longhorn brought a jug of water so he dosen't dehydrate, the Baylor Bear brought food so he doesn't starve, and the Aggie brought a car door, so he can roll up the window if he gets too hot.

Aggie joke: Did you hear that there are three kinds of aggies?

The ones who can't count and the ones who can.
by El_Haggis September 09, 2006
Joke starring allegedly dumb Texas A & M types. Cf. Polish joke, Newfie jokes in Canada (see Newfie left; Portuguese jokes in Brazil.
Lookit that hound lick his balls! Ah wish Ah could do that!
Go ahead! He don't bite!
by octopod December 01, 2003
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