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orginally classified as a "defoliant" but the US Government found out that it is better at killing VC soliders and giving Americans prostate cancer.
Between 1965 and 1970, the United States dropped more then 50,000 tons of Agent Orange on Vietnam.
by IrishRepublicanArmy March 03, 2004
Agent Orange is probably the greatest Punk Surf band around. They were probably the first and only to mix both surf and punk genres of music together to create their original sound. Many of their songs include: Bloodstains, Too Young To Die, I Kill Spies, Everything Turns Grey, No Such Thing. Though there have been about 5 different line-ups for the band, they have kept the same surf punk sound all through-out.
"Hey, isn't that Agent Orange?"
"Hell Yeah! They're debut song Bloodstains!"
"That's radical man, I like their song Everything Turns Grey"
"Good choice man."
by The Ode Plagued Rapture September 03, 2013
The package of "cheese" that comes with a box of kraft dinner
Lunch is almost ready, I just need to stir in the agent orange
by wetcoaster May 10, 2010
someone who puts on so much face tan they appear to have orange skin.
Oh look there goes agent orange!
by daiseyface January 11, 2007
nick name of one of the best underground Emcees, cage kennylz.

if u like cage .. ull like NECRO
"agent orange stompin on emcees, corpse slim circle boddy parts, call murder scenes abstract art." from the song Cage - Agent Orange
by gore May 10, 2004
alias of rapper Cage from the Smut Peddlers
Dick Starbuck and Agent Orange, Porno detectives
by Evan August 14, 2003
a term used by james and chris to describe a certain individual called tom whelan
hey look its agent orange
by whelan January 28, 2005
a central character in the Questin Tarentino movie "Reservoir Dogs." Agen Orange is, in fact, a polic infomrant on the diamond that the plot revolves around, and is ironically shot by police fire and dies in a warehouse.
That dude in Reservoir Dogs.
by your mom March 27, 2005
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