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The name for the fart(s) that comes out separately after a string of farts. The string of farts most often being quite noisy while the aftershock is rather quiet. Silent But Deadly's are never followed by an aftershock.
Aftershock: *self explanatory*
by AlexWhiteRules August 25, 2010
4 5
When you have an initial crap that comes out fine, then 30 mins later, there is a huge rush of diarrhea. The initial dump must feel complete, not pinched off to qualify.
"Man, I thought I had a no wiper, but i was sitting at my desk later and felt the aftershock coming on."
by Hendri6 October 15, 2008
56 22
Post ejaculatory sensation in the body which can come shortly after male ejaculation. The sensation lasting no more than a second, feels like a small shock or jolt to the body, and is usually followed by post-cum a few minutes later a.k.a (the dribble)
short and light aftershock the body feels after you've shot a load.
by billy-5050 January 26, 2009
41 21
when the sex is so good that the girl has an orgasm after the stimulation (fingering, licking, fucking) has stopped
"whew, that was good!"


by whit February 12, 2004
63 43
A series of small farts after a huge one.
Chris: (farts)
Becca says "Damn that was a big one!"
Chris says "Yeah, and here comes some after shocks"
by SuperMeowMeowz June 04, 2010
26 7
Bong terminology. The residual smoke in the bong and it's piping after toking the main hit. Usually, your lungs are too full to take in the aftershock. Checking the density of smoke in the aftershock is a good way to see how good your hit was, but that is pointless.
I gave the aftershock to my homie.
by machowoman December 11, 2008
33 19
The vibrations and reverberating sound that occur when you pound a big booty from behind.
Man, last night I so pounded that ass that my neighbour could hear the aftershocks.
by Dizzy Chicks January 16, 2010
4 2
The waterier skinnier poop after the primary poop. Usually a few minutes later after the first poop. Usually is less effort.
Guy 1 "Dude, I really need to poop again."
Guy 2 "But you already went a few minutes ago."
Guy 1 just experienced aftershock.
by themythandthelegend December 29, 2011
2 2