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Thinking of a good come back in an argument well after the argument has ended.
Bro 1: Damn dude that was a crazy argument!
Bro 2: Yea man and I just barely thought of a good comeback I could have used...
Bro 1: Wow man, what an after burn.
by chrisboy22 July 08, 2012
The fiery sensation you feel on your anus after taking a potent shit; usually occurs after eating some sort of exotic food.
Deezam son, this afterburn is killing me. I shouldn't have eaten those burritos.
by the $cuN>| April 15, 2007
the remaining used herb, after you have vaporized it. Depending on the type of weed, this can be anywhere from black to a lighter shade of brown. The chances are if you're a stoner, you save this and use it in another way.
Tony: What do you do with your afterburn?
Gabe: I save it and smoke it. What do you do with it?
Tony: I use it to make cannabutter.
by StrungOut532 January 13, 2010
The feeling you get the morning after getting extremely stoned the night before. Somewhat of a confused "not all there" feeling, as if you were still stoned but not.
Damn dude, we just smoked an O last night and I have afterburn.

I think I have afterburn, I got so stoned last night and I can't think straight.
by James Rodrickson July 09, 2007
The drowsy, tired, and undermotivated feeling people get after coming off of pot.
We did like ten huge hits each. I got so stoned. But when i came off of it I had such bad afterburn, so I fell asleep.
by thenazz520 September 12, 2007
The post residual high you have from getting stoned the night before. Hangover is to beer, as after-burn is to weed.
Dude. I got so high I still had some after-burn for two days after I lit up.
by Mattthestoner April 10, 2014
A cigarette smoked after smoking pot ('burning'). The lungs have a pleasurable burning sensation after smoking weed which heightens the pleasurable sensation of smoking tobacco.
"I wish I had saved that dart for an after-burn."

"Let's have an after-burn shall we?"

"We smoked after-burns before going inside."
by mousygerade January 14, 2014