The little fart that always follows after you let a massive one rip.
"Man, you only heard the fart, the after fart was waaaay better."
by Goffray June 30, 2009
Top Definition
The one or more smaller farts that occur within seconds after busting huge ass
Bill ripped a huge one and thought he had to after fart but he ended up shitting his pants
by NakJPaulG May 01, 2009
It's the stinky farts that you do after taking a massive shit.

It's analogous to after birth. When she pops out the baby all this spooge comes sploshing out.

After taking a massive shit, you will be farting about ten minutes later and they are nasty as after-birth.
I just came from the crapper and dropped a raunchy after-fart on my friends at the gym.
by The Master Gasser November 20, 2009
The short amount of time that exists after your partner farts that allow you to slip your penis into her / him. The required time is only short as you want easy accessibility (or 'surprise') but don't want any back pressure to linger on your member
The afterfart allowed for easy penetration of my partner's butt hole...
by April 19, 2016
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