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An Afro that looks so good it turns you on.
"check out that guy's Afrodisiac!!"
by Caleb Nicholson July 28, 2007
1. An African-American who turns on a guy/girl; only used in a specific scenario, or event.
Matt: Whenever Brandon is around, Cierra seems to get horny.

Stephen: That's because he's an afrodisiac to Cierra, at least whenever he's around.

Matt: True, but Brandon should be very worried knowing Cierra has a penis.
by killingcat November 13, 2010
A black kid's ability to infatuate girls utilizing skills white kids don't posses (i.e. dancing, rapping, dunking).
-Wow 5 numbers already?
-The girls love my Afro-disiac
by OneLove1 April 05, 2010