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1. n. The African-American social identifaction mechanism of the human and sometimes canine brain used to detect racial discrepencies in Online Gaming (FRS, MMORPG, etc) or other social networks where ethnic heritage is not easily dicernable.

2. n. kinda like gay-dar but for ethicity, like wether or not u can tell if someone is black

syn. Black-dar, 'N word'-dar (possibly offencive), etc
"omg dude! u know that new guy in TF LS? i found out hes black! wtf is my afrodar gimped?"

"did you see the pic of that girls {ACB}*? i swear i thought she was black but nope, my afrodar must be busted cause girl was whiter than paris hilton."

*ACB: refrence to Air Conditioner Booty
by Arkbg February 01, 2008
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