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1. Common term used to describe disco lovers who still manage to stay retro past the 70s and into modern times. This is achieved by having an afro (usually with a comb in it). Note, this term only is used when the person in question is hot.

2. Some bitch on The Internet.
1. Person A: Woah! Look at that guy over there in the leather pants!
Person B: Look at his hair, he sure is sexy with his afro!
Person C: What a stud!
Person being described: That's Afro Stud to you.
***Persons A, B, and C faint.

2. AfroStudNG: I like men.
Nomaider: I like men.
AfroStudNG: I'm a man, and you are one too.
Nomaider: I'll bend over.
***Unmentionable things go here.
by BackToNormal January 23, 2006
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