African-Roulette is no laughing matter, it is one of the most dangerous games in all of the world; it is estimated that nearly 10,000 Africans die each year as a direct result of losing in African roulette.

African-Roulette is when a man has heterosexual intercourse with another consenting adult without a condom, the only catch is that the woman is African, which means that there is an 86.3% chance that she is HIV+.

When a man takes a chance like this and loses he dies 99.999999% of the time, Infact the only documented case of a someone living for more than six months after losing at "AR" is the "Magic Man" himself Magic Johnson, who actually set an international record for most "AR" wins in a row with 5, (two of which were three-ways).
"Hi kids my name is Magic Johnson and if you want to grow up like me you should play African-Roulette on the reg."-Magic Johnson
by K1LL_4_FUN February 27, 2011
Top Definition
When there are six gorgeous african woman, all willing to have sex with you. The problem is that one of them has AIDS.
Hey John, i dare you to try a African Roulette, to really test your luck.
by slightlycoped December 14, 2008
When six beautiful African girls are on there knees ready to give a guy head, but one of them is a Canable.
"Hey Charley, Want to go play African Roulette with Cindy and her friends?"
by Durbs June 23, 2006
African Roulette is played where you have unprotected sex with your choice of one of six African women and one of them has HIV
Dude that fool is playing african roulette
by molassio June 06, 2010
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