After Fucking, Rest In a Cool Area
Dude: Hey man, I'm gonna f**k this chick tonight.
His pal: Good for you man! Just remember africa!
by african_dude February 15, 2008
One nigger, two nigger, three nigger, fo nigga. A place yet to be tamed by KFC.
Niggers in Africa can count to fo and they never knowed about KFC.
by KKK KFC May 26, 2010
A continent whose indigenous people in the sub-saharan region are barely human, if at all. Although it is the most mineral rich continent on earth, it's "people" war with and enslave one another, thus keeping the continent in a constant state of poverty and turmoil. Many of it's inhabitants are considered to be several hundred years behind the rest of civilization, and on average, it's black population has an average IQ that is roughly 12-15 points lower than normal humans. It also has an arab population, mainly in northern africa, and whites scattered in regions throughout due to colonization by various European countries. Strangely enough, those areas are the only ones worth living in.
Bob: " are these stupid Africans doing to each other now???"

Joe: "What they always do in africa, run around in their underwear and throw spears at each other."
by EMR1976 August 12, 2009
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